Streamline – Offers more than you think

Streamline – Offers more than you think

Streamline Office Services has evolved dramatically over the last few decades. We started out supplying office stationery and furniture for offices – and that’s still a big part of our business – but the services we provide to our customers today goes far beyond selling them the right chairs and desks

We offer full consultations and assessments to determine exactly what it is that your workplace needs. That includes looking at the whole layout of your employees’ working lives.

We can also redesign your office for you, enabling an optimised workflow. We use 2D and 3D CAD drawings to create these models of office efficiency, and have a trusted network of contractors to help us make it a reality. That includes builders, electricians, plumbers, decorators… everything you could need if you’re looking to renovate your office – or open a new one!

We’ve always been a supplier of high quality and speciality office supplies and furniture, and that hasn’t changed. Whatever your office needs, Streamline can find it – from stationery and canteen chairs to bespoke boardroom tables and ergonomic “back-care” chairs.

Our in-house team of experts installs everything we sell, guaranteeing that our customers’ furniture gets the full Streamline experience. That way, you know a genuine expert has taken responsibility for it.

And last, but by no means least, we provide a project management service to make sure everything gets done how it should, when it should, and to the right standards. That’s indispensible, and it’s the kind of service only a real industry veteran can provide.

So don’t delay – whatever you need to get your office operating to its maximum potential, pick up the phone.