Help keep your office germ free this winter and fight off colds and flu

Help keep your office germ free this winter and fight off colds and flu

Did you know that keeping your hands clean this winter can reduce your chances of catching a cold by 45%? The reason is that our hands are so useful – we use them to open doors, throw out the trash, type up our work, eat our sandwiches, and more. This effectively makes them germ superhighways: 80% of all infections (not just coughs and colds) are transmitted by our hands. Bet that alcohol gel seems more important now, doesn’t it? But cleaning our hands is just part of a general cleanliness routine that can keep your office healthy, happy, and fully staffed over the next few months.

Taking hygiene seriously is vital if you want your business to run as effectively as possible all year round. Sick leave due to colds is estimated to cost British businesses £1.3 billion a year. To operate a truly hygienic office you need to do more than just provide hand sanitisers to employees – you need to own and use everything from buckets and mops to hoovers, bleach, keyboard wipes, and more. At Streamline, we have a long history of providing low-cost, high-quality, cleaning products perfectly suited for a variety of workplaces. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of them:

Always wash your hands and use hand sanitisers when necessary: don’t let your toilets or kitchen run out of soap, and make sure all workers have easy access to hand sanitisers.

Don’t share office equipment unless it’s really necessary: who knows whether the last pair of hands on that mouse were really as clean as they looked? When you do have to share equipment, make sure you use the appropriate cleaning materials for them (such as wipes).

Please don’t cough or sneeze on your colleagues! Use tissues, and dispose of them in a closed bin which is regularly emptied. Then sanitise your hands.

Keep surfaces clean. Use the right disinfectant spray or soap to keep all surfaces in the office germ free. And don’t forget the floors: they’ll need regular hoovering and / or mopping with bleach to maintain their cleanliness.

Don’t be rude, but don’t be too eager to shake hands either! Handshakes form part of important business etiquette when dealing with clients or interviewing new employees. Don’t skip them, and please don’t rush to use a hand sanitiser afterwards, right in front of the person whose hand you just shook. But do wash them when you’re alone again!

Toilets matter. Clean them. Clean them regularly, with products that are proven to be effective.

If you’re looking to stock up on cleaning products for winter, then you’re talking to the right people: we’ve got everything you could possibly need. To make an order, or discuss how you can keep your office free from the snuffles right through Christmas, just get in touch on 01295 250171, or drop us an email using our secure contact form.